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One 2 Ka 4: The Aftermath

The film took a long time in the making. How did you guys manage to make the film look fresh?

Thatís due to three south Indians in the film Ė Shashilal Nair, S Kumar an AR Rahman. Even editor Hussain Burmawala contributed. Director Nair has done a good job. We changed a lot of dialogues during the dubbing stages. We cut out a lot of scenes. In the start of the film Jackie and I are discussing something else. But we dubbed it differently. There is one scene where we had to show the eldest girl. But she had grown up a lot. So we decided not to show her face and showed some other girl from the back instead.

Are you happy?
Yes I am. I did break my leg twice during the making of the film. Juhi broke her leg once. Shashida too broke his leg once. But we all had fun doing the film. We are a great team.

Why arenít you in your trademark humourous style in this film?
The film was very different when it started off. Karisma Kapoor was to do the lead role. But we changed the film. Juhi was not keen to take on a Haryanvi accent and do a funny role. She had done one earlier in a Tamil accent with the hero Aamir Khan and a few kids before in Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke. But we convinced her. Then there was this other element of the character changing after the interval. She was game for the idea and then the film changed.

Does your wife Gauri like this film?
No, not at all. She does not like me in humourous roles at all. She feels I am not funny at all. She feels that I do not have a sense of humour. I have a scene in this film where I am under the shower and my hair is on my face. She says I look very ugly in the film.

Which film of yours did she like then?
She says that she only liked me in Mohabbatein. She likes me in such roles only.

Which heroes does she like?
She likes only Aamir Khanís and Sanjay Duttís films. She feels that they are good actors.

What about your son?
He has a better taste. He feels that I act well. And he is my biggest fan.

Do you like the way the media has been treating you?
See, let me put it this way. I have worked with directors I want to and have been surrounded by friends from the media, because we think alike. It is all by choice. But generally I have been a darling of the media

Donít be funny, you have had fights with the media too. Yes. But my parents always advised me to pick up people my size. And I have done so. A few years back, when I was a small actor and just into filmdom, a few people took the liberties of writing a lot against me. I used to get very upset and go and beat them up. I also abused them on phone and also almost got jailed for all my activities. But now I feel that I am too big for them. So I donít beat them up.

It is rumoured that you have taken over the project of Devdas and are producing the film yourself?
The news is not true. I have not taken over the project. A journalist called up and insisted that I had taken over the film. I said that I didnít. But he printed what he wanted to.

Are you having financial problems because of Bharat Shahís arrest?
No. But Devdas, the film financed by Bharat Shah is suffering. So we decided to take the matter in our hands. Sanjay Bhansali, the director, Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit the heroines are generally trying to adjust our dates and are completing the film. And we are not taking any money







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