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                                                  Shuts Down?

Shah Rukh is going through a low and has taken the closing down of his dream project very personally. A face-saving line that's being made is that SRKworld is not on the verge of closure but that the shares are being purchased by B4U. So SRKworld will now be run by B4U, which also means that the 35-member staff employed by Shah Rukh has been rendered jobless. But then Shah Rukh Khan had no other option but to take this decision since the losses that were being incurred every month were phenomenal. And those close business ties with the incarcerated Bharat Shah haven't helped Khan's image in the corporate world.

But what is said to have hurt Shah Rukh the most is that his web-site did not become a revenue-generating site the way he had wanted it to. The merchandising was an utter flop.

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