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Hum Aapke Hai Sanam

Everyone wants to know whatís the status of the Salman-SRK-Madhuri-Ash starrer Hum Aapke Hai Sanam. Rightly so! One of the biggest films on the floors, the project has been in the making for a long time now. But when everything seemed to be going perfect, the financier - Bharat Shah - was arrested and people thought the progress of the film had come to a grinding halt again. 

"I am releasing the film in June. Thatís for sure", K.C. Bokadia, the producer of this mammoth venture, tells me. He adds, "The editing and dubbing are already complete. Iíve hired the services of maestro Illayaraja to record the background music for the film" (by the time you are reading this, the recording must have already commenced!). 

It must be noted that the film has music by Nadeem-Shravan, Anu Malik and Bappi Lahiri, who have recorded two songs each. Only two songs remain to be picturised, which will be shot in Canada in May. 

Prior to this film, Bokadia has plans to release PYAAR ZINDAGI HAI, which stars two newcomers in the lead -- Vikas and Ashima Bhalla. "I intend distributing the film all over myself. So confident am I of its prospects," Bokadia reveals. Hereís wishing Bokadia the very best! 

Anil Kapoor Goes Ga Ga Over Shah Rukh
Anil Kapoor can't stop raving about Shah Rukh's guest appearance in Boney Kapoor's next venture - a Sanjay Kapoor-Karisma starrer. According to the buzz, the film is inspired by Not Without My Daughter and also stars Nana and Deepti Naval. Ask Anil why he didn't do the role, if it was so punchy, himself - especially considering it's brother Boney's production, and he says, "Shah Rukh fits the role like a glove." Besides, Anil would now like to encourage a healthy trend of other actors working for big brother Boney's production; while he works for other producers, as well. Shuts Down?

Shah Rukh is going through a low and has taken the closing down of his dream project very personally. A face-saving line that's being made is that SRKworld is not on the verge of closure but that the shares are being purchased by B4U. So SRKworld will now be run by B4U, which also means that the 35-member staff employed by Shah Rukh has been rendered jobless. But then Shah Rukh Khan had no other option but to take this decision since the losses that were being incurred every month were phenomenal. And those close business ties with the incarcerated Bharat Shah haven't helped Khan's image in the corporate world.

But what is said to have hurt Shah Rukh the most is that his web-site did not become a revenue-generating site the way he had wanted it to. The merchandising was an utter flop.

Shahrukh to direct son Aryan 

On June 26th Shahrukh Khan completes 10 full years in the industry. It's been a long roller coaster ride for the king 'Khan'. From a faceless to a name to reckon, Shah's ride has been full of, pains and joys. No wonder he does Kabhi Khusi Kabhi Gum. 

Shahrukh for once will take the backseat and let his son Aryan steal the limelight. The six-year son of the superstar will play the led in a film called Action. The 1 hour long film will have Aryan doing 'Batman' kind of action. 

The whole idea for the film came, after Aryan told his father to get him the DVD of the film. Shahrukh looked for it but when it wasn't available he decided to make an action flick. 

Shahrukh is busy doing the last minute patchwork for Karan Johar's Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gum, after which he will take 15 days off and during that period he will shoot the film for his son. Has Shahrukh got big plans for his son?






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