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Srkworld Portal now care of B4U

Shahrukh Khan has decided to pull out of, the complete entertainment portal that he launched with much fanfare less than a year ago.

The "badshah" of Hindi cinema has decided to sell his stake to B4U, the other co-promoter of the venture. The company that owns and operates the portal is Aryan Informatics which is named after Shahrukh's son. It was in November 2000 that SRKworld was launched under the Aryan banner.

Sources said that Shahrukh and B4U are nearing towards closing the deal in which B4U will buy out the star's complete stake in Aryan Informatics. The other important partner in this company, Aryan Info, is star actress Juhi Chawla. It is not yet known whether Juhi along with her industrial husband is also wanting to sell her stake in the company. It may be pointed out that Shahrukh and Juhi are close friends and partners in another production company Dreamz Unlimited which is doing very well and has mega plans in the industry.

Industry sources attribute this deal largely to the bursting of the dotcom bubble in recent months which has taken its toll on all the little fishes in the internet world. The other reason for why the stars may be wishing to dissociate with SRKworld is because of its association since inception with the controversial cine personality Bharat Shah.

Nobody in Aryan or B4U was ready to state the exact nature of association which the portal has with Bharat Shah. However, they concede that Khan and Bharat Shah are close associates and "were associated in each and every project". However, in a recent widely-publicised interview, Bharat Shah's son Rashesh Shah has said that during these times of crisis when his father was being interrogated by the CBI on various allegations relating to his nexus with the underworld, their so-called closest friends had deserted them. When asked specifically whether after the controversy had erupted, Shahrukh Khan had ever visited Bharat Shah or his son for expressing his concern, Rashesh is understood to have stated that Shahrukh was among those who had used his father to reach the top position, but was now" ungrateful." It is well known that the first best films that catapulted Shahrukh Khan to the number one position in Bollywood were financed by Bharat Shah. If the hypothesis that Khan wants to dissociate with Bharat Shah is correct, then the he may have nothing to do with the portal in the future which makes the future of the portal rather uncertain.

Although there is no confirmation available from anyone on this, Shahrukh is understood to have told his friends privately that he does not want to go ahead with any of the projects that are being financed by Bharat Shah, openly or covertly.

Asoka rocks Cannes Film Fest

Santosh Sivan's Asoka literally rocked the audience at Cannes Film Festival. And film connoisseurs haven't stopped raving about the film ever since they have caught the glimpse of Asoka's trailers at the Tokyo Film Festival recently. Judging by the kind of response the trailer generated, Asoka seems to be set to conquer the world all over again. Superstar Shahrukh Khan plays the lead in the film while Kareena Kapoor, one of the most promising contemporary Indian actresses, stars opposite him. Asoka will soon hit the theatres across the world. 

Shah Rukh has a new gym

Shah Rukh Khan has renewed his gym regime. He's working out every night at a gym in the suburbs. The star does have his own equipment at home, but since it's placed outdoors, the rains make it inconvenient for him to use his home-gym. His friends or his wife give him company in turns. It is impossible for one person to keep pace with Shah's energy. At least till his son grows up. If there's anyone who can beat Shah in energy, it is little Aryan.

Shah Rukh: Full throttle ahead

The Baadshah completes ten years of reign over the dreamworld called Bollywood today. It was on 26th June 1991 that Shah Rukh Khan first embraced the Bollywood arclights and on 26th June 2001 he is all set to be behind the camera making an hour-long action flick for his son Aryan. In these ten years the actor has gone from strength to strength, making new rules, while breaking the set moulds… be it negative roles, offbeat films or mainstream acting. He has handled not only roles of substance but also the hazards of this volatile industry with great grace and panache.

Shah Rukh however insists that he is still the same man who took an auto rickshaw to the studio to give the first shot for Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman. What has changed over the years however is the film making technique and technology, that make him look younger and better than he was. He is just grateful to the lord almighty and his friends in the industry that he was offered better roles and stronger dialogues to mouth. Now this is humility or what!

Among his contemporaries, the one person he admires is Aamir. He is dying to see Lagaan and hopes that the period film he has made Asoka: The Great, has people reaffirming their faith in his prowess and charisma. Great going Shahrukh!

Rani Rajlakshmi to do item song in Asoka

The trend of svelte, suave sirens performing dances in films is catching up and latest to be bitten by this bug was Santosh Sivan. And while the rumors claimed that it was going to be the sensational Sush who would do the honors, the director has roped in Rani Rajlakshmi to do a special appearance in Asoka. If you are still wondering who this female is, well, Rani is the wife of actor Rahul Roy. Now, now, how can you have a film on history's greatest monarch in all his splendour and not expect a dance by a courtesan. But knowing the capabilities of Santosh Sivan, one can expect this item number to be way above the average fare. This might just be the beginning of a bright career for the better half the Aashiqui boy, what say?


Shah Rukh's driver lost his 11-year-old daughter.

Shah Rukh seems to be riding an emotional roller coaster for the last few months. First, the tragic death of his friend and secretary of 10 years, Anwar. Then came the impact of Bharat Shah's arrest and the problem with his dream house. Last week, Shah Rukh's driver Mohan lost his 11-year-old daughter. The actor was involved from the time the child was taken to the hospital. He was there every night after his shooting to be with Mohan and the child. But sadly it was not to be. Shah Rukh, who feels personally responsible for the happiness of everybody who works closely with him, is left feeling extremely helpless. Especially for Mohan who's been with Shah Rukh for long now. "There is not much that we can do when destiny makes up its mind, can we?"






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