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   Shah Rukh Khan

        Aman Mathur

Preity Zinta

Naina Catherine Kapur
Saif Ali Khan

Rohit Patel

Sonali Bendre-  Special Appearance
Jaya Bachchan Jenny Kapur
Sushma Seth  
Dara Singh  
Satish Shah  
Reema Lagoo  
Shoma Anand  
Lilette Dubey  
Sulbha Arya  
Ketaki Devi  
Kamini Khanna  
Simone Singh  
Rajpal Yadav  
Daniela De Almeida  
Delnaaz Paul



Kal Ho Naa Ho is the story of three friends whose relationship is based on unconditional love and emotional empathy with each other.

The setting is New York in present times. Life is quite brooding for Naina Catherine Kapur (Preity Zinta). The cause of her sombre lifestyle is a family tragedy that shook her world and took her happiness away.

Her humdrum daily routine includes her chores in her half Punjabi-half Catholic household in which she has to deal with a short tempered grand-mother, has to look after her little sister and brother besides helping her mother Jennifer [Jaya Bachchan] deal with the family's financial troubles. In short, life could not be drabber for this gorgeous belle.

But things change with the coming of Aman Mathur [Shah Rukh Khan] into the tiny Indian neighborhood where she lives.

Aman is an extrovert person who gets friendly with almost everybody and begins to win everybody’s heart with his jolly nature. When he sees the sadness in a young and beautiful girl like Naina, he sets about to bring happiness into her life.

For this he also gets help from his good friend Rohit [Saif Ali Khan], an eligible Manhattan bachelor.

After few initial failures, the two manage to bring Naina out of her dull and gloomy moods and make her genuinely happy. The three become very good friends and every thing is hunky-dory.

But this happiness is short-lived when it turns out that one of them suffers from a deadly disease


Karan Johar-SRK combination works for the third time as the two come up with a film that begins on a lighthearted note but ends with a climax that will reduce viewers to tears. Nikhil Advani deserves all praises for telling the story without making it mushy and yet not compromising on the emotional quotient at the same time.

At the center of the story is a happy-go-luck fellow who spreads happiness and believes in giving to others without demanding anything back. But as is said that behind every smile there lies an unshed tear, so is the case with the film’s protagonist Aman. And then there is a character of a gorgeous girl who seems to be aging before her time until Aman comes into her life. In the sidelines is a jolly guy (Saif) who has a golden heart but cannot impress upon girls.

The proceedings are fine and everything seems hunky-dory until the relationship between the three is tested by the harsh realities of life.

Shahrukh Khan towers over everyone in the film with his kaleidoscopic performance. He brings smiles to many a face in the first half and he is the one two draws them to tears in the latter half of the movie.

Preity Zinta looks stunning throughout the movie and delivers a noteworthy performance. Saif too stands in equal stead and proves his salt as an actor. Jaya Bachchan, as usual, spellbinds the viewers with her histrionics.

On the whole Kal Ho Naa Ho is a healthy entertainer that will appeal to family crowds and viewers of all ages.


B.O Report

U.K. Box Office

Rank Weekend Total Week # Screens Weekend Screen Avg. Cumulative Box Office
6 436,790 1 37 11,805 436,790
8 271,668 2 38 7,149 875,037

*All figures in UK Pounds

U.S. Collections

Opening Weekend
$758,211 (USA) (30 November 2003) (52 Screens)
$986,211 (USA) (30 November 2003)
Weekend Gross
$758,211 (USA) (30 November 2003) (52 Screens)




Budget: 18-20 crore!
Release Date: 27th November 2003
Music Release: 27th September 2003



Romance, Comedy, Bathos: All Blended by Bollywood


Published: November 27, 2003

Hollywood has Thanksgiving to unleash its end-of-the-year blockbusters; Bollywood has the end of Ramadan, when fasting filmgoers are allowed to return to the theaters. Such is the occasion for "Kal Ho Naa Ho," a Bollywood musical extravaganza, which opens today to Indian audiences around the world.

Set in New York City and partly filmed there, "Kal Ho Naa Ho" ("Tomorrow May Never Come") is a vigorous Bollywood blend of romantic comedy and family melodrama. The central figure and narrator is Naina (Preity Zinta), a young woman who lives in a snug Indian neighborhood of tree-lined streets and detached bungalows (which looks suspiciously more like Toronto than any known borough of New York).

Naina, who wears glasses that make her look like Ashleigh Banfield and who is studying for a business degree at the "University of New York," might seem an ideal daughter, but she is a disappointment to her large Punjabi family for the standard reason: she is not married and has no immediate intention to be.

Though Naina is involved in a teasing flirtation with a fellow student, the wealthy Rohit (Saif Ali Khan), she has closed her heart against love, a result of her father's mysterious suicide some years before. But suddenly a shooting star drops into her life in the form of Aman (the Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan), an infectiously optimistic and energetic visitor from India. He is so full of life that he is moved to sing "Pretty Woman" in Hindi while standing atop a taxi.

He pesters the pretty Naina into dropping her defenses (and removing her glasses), while encouraging her to fall in love with the shy but gallant Rohit. Naina, of course, falls for Aman, unaware that he is visiting New York to see a heart specialist. This bouncingly vibrant young man has only a few months to live but dreams of making everyone around him happy before his premature departure.

Like many Bollywood films "Kal Ho Naa Ho" has little notion of restraint. Its luxuriant, nearly three-hour running time allows lots of room for spectacular musical numbers (including "It's the Time to Disco" and the plangent title song) and dramatic climaxes that are extended to the breaking point and beyond.

Madame Bovary had nothing on Aman, whose death scene seems to consume several miles of celluloid. This is a rich meal that may best be reserved for stomachs accustomed to such bountiful fare.


Tomorrow May Never Come

Directed by Nikhil Advani; written (in Hindi, with English subtitles) by Karan Johar; director of photography, Anil Mehta; edited by Sanjay Sankla; music by Shankar Ehsaan Loy, with lyrics by Javed Akhtar; produced by Yash Johar; released by Yash Raj Films. At the Loews State Theater, 1540 Broadway at 45th Street, Manhattan. Running time: 150 minutes. This film is not rated.

WITH: Shah Rukh Khan (Aman Mathur), Preity Zinta (Naina Catherine Kapur), Saif Ali Khan (Rohit) and Jaya Bachchan (Jennifer Kapur




By: Rajdeep Gupta

Starring: Shahrukh Khan, Preity Zinta, Saif Ali Khan, Reema Lagoo, Jaya Bachchan, Sonali Bendre, Kajol, Rani Mukherjee, Uday Chopra and Satish Shah
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Music: Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Producer: Karan Johar
Director: Nikil Advani

Put all your obnoxious thoughts aside, get a coke and move straight to the theatre. Watch Karan Johar-Shahrukh Khan combo affair in KAL HO NAA HO. Two super hits behind and one on offing. Bollywood has certainly been blessed with the stars managing to make the most out of the script. Hopefully this would end the dried market of flops in Bollywood and usher a new season of hits in Bollywood.

Everything of the movie from cinematography (Anil Mehta) to dialogues (Niranjan Iyengar) to screenplay (Karan Johar), each has been a peach. Nikil Advani looked confident in handling a strong script and has a future in prospect. Shahrukh, Preity, Saif and the rest have put forward the best performance up to date and would feel proud to see it 10 years down the lane.

Any resemblance to Hrishikesh Mukherjee's ANAND is purely coincidental. The film is about a family based in New York. Naina Catherine Kapur (Preity Zinta) is 23 young but off colour. Her life is in a sad state of trauma after an incident happened that shook her life. She stays with her mom, Jennifer (Jaya Bachchan) and looks after her brother and sister. She has a nagging granny in Sushma Seth, all in all her life is in a mess with no fun and fervour.

Enters Aman Mathur (Shahrukh Khan), yes Karan Johar doesn't go with Rahul. Aman is just the opposite of his name, full of bratishness and fun yet there is certain simplicity in him that draws Catherine towards him. Aman has a Manhattan buddy in Rohit (Saif Ali Khan), who is the darling of the crowds. Together they conspired something to give Catherine the thing she badly needs-love. But Aman like Rajesh Khanna of ANAND keeps a secret hidden from them? What is the secret? Does Aman fall for Preity? Has Rohit got something different to add in the story? Watch KAL HO NAA HO.

The climax is excellently portrayed and the comedy of Sulab Arya is worth mentioning. The songs have been wonderfully picturised and "Pretty Woman" and "Mahi ve" deserves special applause. All the characters dressing up in the costumes of Manish Malhotra looked out of touch. Art direction of Sharmistha Roy makes even the locales of New York have an Indian touch.

Nikil Advani promises and his apprenticeship under Karan has only helped his efforts. It was not an easy cake to direct some stalwarts like Jaya Bachchan (in jeans), but he has managed it quite easily. The pace of the movie is pretty well timed. Not even for one moment does one feel that the script is out of doors. The dramas in the second half will make one cry.

Performance wise, Shahrukh is excellent as Aman. He is like the backbone of the film, without which the movie could not see the day. The emotions expressed through his eyes are mind-blowing. Preity Zinta offers a heart-warming performance and would come close to the histrionics of KYA KEHNA. She looked more beautiful than any movie she has done so far; Mickey Contractor, the make up man deserves praises for that. Saif Ali, post-DIL CHAHTA HAI has pulled up another ace. Jaya Bachchan is first-rate so are the others.

It looks like the big budget flick has met expectations. Considering the nerves Karan been suffering recently, hopefully that should calm him down slightly. Advance bookings for the film, which stars Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta and Saif Ali Khan, are also very strong. With KHAKEE out and JANASHEEN in, thankfully looks like the year 2003 will end on a high for Bollywood!

Make your stars shine on you.


Yes, Kal Ho Naa Ho is worth watching!

Rohini Iyer | November 25, 2003 14:27 IST

For all those who want to know whether Kal Ho Naa Ho is a remake of Hrishikesh Mukherjee's Anand, the answer is yes. And no.

Shah Rukh Khan's character (Aman) is largely inspired by Rajesh Khanna's happy-go-lucky charmer in Anand. But on the whole, Kal Ho Naa Ho is as different as they come.

The film kicks off with Manhattan resident Naina Catherine Kapur (Preity Zinta) narrating the story of her life over her daily morning jog.

The characters in Naina's life are introduced with the same energy that Naina puts into her jog. There is her mom Jennifer (Jaya Bachchan in jeans), who shares a love-hate relationship with her mother-in-law Sushma Seth (at her loudest Punjabi best).

Mommy runs a flop restaurant. Grandmother is a flop singer. Together they are chaos.

Enough reason for Naina to turn into a boring, bespectacled spinster type who takes life too seriously.

The only interesting person in Naina's life is buddy Rohit Patel (Saif Ali Khan). He is uncool with women but thinks he is cool. He is also a typical Gujarati, whose father (Satish Shah) runs a business called Dial A Dhokla.

Enter funny guy Aman, who turns out to be the proverbial angel in Naina's life. He is Dale Carnegie-Jim Carrey-Richard Gere-Deepak Chopra all rolled into one. He zooms into Naina's neighbourhood singing Pretty woman and woos everyone in sight, including uppity Naina.

Naina hates him at first sight, but can't help being overwhelmed by Aman's charm.

Even Rohit takes tips from Aman on how to be cool and influence people. Life is a song and dance till the interval.

Post interval, it is time to bring out the tissues -- an entire box of them in fact. It is time for the audience to discover that Aman is not what he seems.

You will sob all the way to the end.

The second half is moving, yet humorous.

Full marks to director Nikhil Advani and producer Karan Johar for not letting the proceedings turn heavy.

The climax is a revelation. Set against the superbly picturised Mahi ve, the film ends on a note that can be best described as clapworthy.

Though Karan Johar's influence looms large all over the film -- be it the gripping story/screenplay, the costumes or the spicy humour -- Nikhil Advani makes a superb debut.

The film is fresh in treatment and storytelling.

Shah Rukh excels as the supercool Aman. He reiterates his King Khan status with Kal Ho Naa Ho. You understand why it is difficult for Karan to work with any other actor, because SRK steals the show with a designer-made role.

Given SRK's performance, it is all the more important to take note of Saif, whose Rohit Patel will be remembered just as much as his Sameer in Dil Chahta Hai. Saif is first-rate, and your heart goes out to this under-rated actor.

Preity Zinta slips into character beautifully. Right from the preppy spectacles to her no-nonsense demeanor, Preity captures the spirit of Naina Kapur. She has never looked so pretty.

Kal Ho Naa Ho will carry you with its exuberance.





Kuch To Hua Hai

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Kal Ho Naa Ho

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