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Shahrukh furious with national press

The most media-savvy man of all, Shah Rukh Khan, has decided that he will not be patronizing the national press from now on. This is the hottest news right now, considering the fact that Khan always maintained such amiable relations with the section of the press. What has made this actor take this sudden U-turn? 

It all happened when Ashraf Patel, a Bombay-based businessman was murdered a few weeks back. The police officials are still investigating the motive behind the gruesome killing and an underworld hand has not been ruled out. Patel was the man behind brands like Omega and Swatch in India and owned a chain of shops in Bombay's premium shopping arcade, Heera Panna. 

Ashraf Patel had been associated with names like Mohammed Azharuddin and Aishwarya Rai since they happened to be the brand ambassadors for some of his products. Similarly, Shah Rukh was also associated with him since Ashraf had sponsored the premiere of Shah Rukh's film, 'Phir Bhi Dil Hain Hindustani'. 

Certain sections of the media have highlighted this association between Shah Rukh and Ashraf Patel and this is what has upset the actor a great deal. "I always thought that the national press was responsible. But now I realise that they are even more dangerous than the film press because people tend to take them more seriously," he said. 

As for the media-people, they simply cannot understand why Shah Rukh is making such a big hue and cry about this episode. They feel that he's not the only one who's name has been linked with Ashraf. When the others aren't making a big noise, why is Shah Rukh doing the same? 

Right now, we'll have to wait and see how long this war between the national press and Shah Rukh lasts. Maybe until the release of his next film, what say??? 

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